If People Talk About You, It’s None of Your Business


Seriously though, you shouldn’t give a F**K what people think about you. You should care even less about what people say about you. Read More

Know Your Worth


I woke up with a heavy feeling in my heart.

It’s not that I had been stricken with guilt and madness; I was completely overcome with peace. It was just the part of me that had to say it, the part of me that needed to be released so my heart could let go. My mind had already moved on, ideas spreading around in my head like a summer mister, lubricating my imagination and preparing my creativity to head in a new direction.

Today, I was going to quit.

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I’m Done Feeling Ashamed of My Body


What will it take for us to stop feeling so ashamed about our bodies?

On multiple occasions, I have found myself looking at the mirror, pulling and pushing at different body parts, struggling to imagine what my body would look like if I could just lose at least 15 pounds. I have had moments where I find myself completely disgusting and repulsive, so much so that I would make up excuses not to go out when I had plans. I’ve missed a wedding, two networking events, a halloween party, and several other events where my presence was requested. I even almost backed out of going to New York City for the first time, and had I listened to my insecurities, I never would have interned in NYC last summer. I have backed out and I have refused invites because I “didn’t feel good” when really, “I didn’t look good.” Or at least, that was what I would tell myself. Read More

Spring Awakening

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 3.44.03 AM

Spring Awakening is a project that has come together over the course of two months.

Inspired by my friend Eugene who asked me, “What are you doing for YOU?”, I realized I was in need of renewal, in need of a Spring Awakening.

For the next few weeks, Diary of a Gay Spinster will be in full force, as I share the stories of my own Spring Awakening. Hopefully, I can inspire more people to spread love, live young and BE BOLD.

Read Spring Awakening here:

I’m Done Feeling Ashamed of My Body
Spring Awakening | Part One
Spring Awakening | Part Two
Spring Awakening | Part Three
Spring Awakening | Part Four
Spring Awakening | Part Five
Spring Awakening | Part Six

Check back daily for updates!


I Told a Guy I Loved Him and He Didn’t Love Me Back

photo 2

The following is an essay I wrote when I was 19 for a writing course. It’s melodramatic and raw, and as I read it now I can see how much I’ve grown as a writer. It’s quite cringeworthy actually, and it has taken everything in my power not to fix or change anything that sounds too dramatic or pretentious. This happens to be a chapter included in the abridged version of Skittles for Breakfast. I haven’t shared it until now.

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10 Songs That Will Make You Feel Like a Bold Bitch


Hey girl (boy), I see you there. Feelin’ like you need somebody to come give you a shot of Bold Bitchness. Or maybe you already got that BB swagger and want a playlist to go along with it. Well here are 10 songs that will have you feelin’ some type of way.

Enjoy. Read More

I Lied in Part Six


A reputable source has brought to my attention that I, in fact lied in Part Six of Spring Awakening. Read More


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